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Hey guys.

So I’ve been thinking, because I’ve been having a hard time finding inspiration when it comes to content for this blog. And I realized that my lack of inspiration stems from being overwhelmed by what types of things I would like to feature here.

When I think of the blogs I love to read and pore over, they each have their own niche, be it fashion, home decor, lifestyle, health,  food etc. My problem is I want to write about it all (therefore the overwhelming feeling) but it tends to feel disorganized and without purpose and I get discouraged. What I realized I needed was a common thread.

Although it seems obvious, because I created this blog to write about life in Kingston, specifically downtown, I had an epiphany while walking to work the other day. I was feeling good in what I was wearing, and it struck me that although some pieces were from big brands and others were from quaint Kingston stores, I had actually purchased almost everything I was wearing from stores along downtown Princess Street. Aha! My common thread. Since I love Kingston and supporting local businesses, I would feel guilty posting about an awesome clothing sale or find for our home from a big brand store. I realized though, I have no reason to feel guilty because downtown Kingston does have it all, local and big brands alike, and that’s the thread I want to write about. Let me explain a little further how I got here.

Earlier this week my dad and I were walking downtown trying to find a patio for lunch (this weather is amazing right?!) and we ran into a few of the girls that work for Downtown Kingston as they were filming a campaign to promote our beautiful downtown shops and local events. This inspired me. Kingston has so much to offer, especially downtown. I’ve found it fascinating to hear that a lot of native Kingstonians that live in the west end rarely make it east to the quaint downtown core. Or that friends from the bigger cities like Ottawa (my hometown), Montreal or Toronto think that Kingston isn’t much more than your average joe small town. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This leads me to my niche: this beautiful city. I’ll write about fashion from pieces exclusively from shops downtown, local restaurants and events, home decor features with materials or antiques from the many vendors available, and write about life in general in this limestone city.

Stick around why don’t ya? 🙂


P.S. Gap’s Friends and Family event ends tomorrow, check out their Kingston location at 230 Princess Street for some awesome deals with everything 40% off (hint: sign up for their emails for an even bigger discount). I’m really interested in  monochrome looks right now, like these super soft sweaters.


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