BC trip: part 2!

Hey guys! I thought I’d share some more pics from the last half of our trip out west! We spent the second week of our trip travelling to Vancouver Island and Vancouver. My best friend moved out to Victoria about 12 years ago and we’ve always made an effort to keep in touch and visit each other. It’s a friendship I’m most proud of because time and distance only made us stronger. I can definitely call her my second sister.

A pause during one of our muddy excursions exploring.

After spending a couple days in Victoria, we went up to Tofino for a few days. We rented a house there and it was the perfect wind down to our very busy vacation. I’ve only ever been to Tofino in the summer, which has been gorgeous, but it was so nice being cozied up our soaking in the hot tub while it was pouring rain. (Side point – you have to eat at the TacoFino truck while you’re there – major yum.) Jade’s husband had just bought a shotgun so we went out one afternoon when it wasn’t raining to do some target practice. It was my first time and needless to say, I had fun! haha.

We stopped at Cathedral Grove on the way home. A must see on the Island.

After our goodbyes, Devon and I branched off to go explore Vancouver for a couple days before our flight home. It was bittersweet, we were sad our vacation was winding down and all the time spent with friends and family was behind us, but it was also nice to explore a city just the two of us.

We ended up just walking around aimlessly on our full day in Vancouver with no plans for the first time on this trip! We ran into a bike rental place on Robson Street and seeing as it was a warm sunny day, we couldn’t think of a better way to see the city! So after spontaneously renting, we toured around checking out the sea wall, Stanley Park, took a ferry taxi over to Granville Island for some sushi for lunch (the best you guys) and headed back home. It was definitely a highlight on our trip and I recommend it to anyone looking to see Vancouver showing off.

I took this picture pointing to West Van for my Grandma who lived there growing up.

The back of our hotel. We stayed at The Victorian Hotel – I recommend it 100%. Great service and it’s a quaint old hotel right next to Gastown!

That’s it for our trip guys! I’ll be back to posting about life in Kingston here again soon – promise! My parent’s and grandparents are actually moving to Kingston next week, so we’ll be busy! More on that another time 🙂



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