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Happy Friday everyone!

Now let me start this post by saying I loooove photographs and I love the people who take them. Some of my nearest and dearest friends are photographers and I’m always in awe of their talent. I keep framed pictures everywhere of loved ones, so much so that I’ve had to wittle it down lately because it was just getting to be a bit much.

I’ve also noticed lately though that a lot of the things around our condo we’ve decorated with that make my heart sing are not photos. They’re things. Vague? I know. But that’s what they truly are. Moments, pieces of happy times. Gifts from some of my favourite people. And aside from photo’s of these moments, places and people that mark different chapters of our lives, these things are what make a house – a home. Let me show you some of my favourite things! (cue Julie Andrews in 3, 2, 1….)

Here is one of my latest and favourites. While going through my boxes of childhood things in my parent’s move, I found this old letter that my Opa had typed on his typewriter for me for a school project about my family history. In it are details of how he traveled by himself across Germany when he was 13 at the end of WWll. Especially touching, as we lost my Opa last summer. I framed it and keep in on my desk, motivating me to work hard and that I have no excuses not to! 🙂 Another thing I love having displayed is my old childhood books stacked in the top right of the photo.
A vase I had bought for our wedding from BHLDN. And ok – this is a photo, but how cute is this picture of my mom waiting for the bus when she was little??
My wedding bouquet.
Souvenirs from the best trip. A pillow cover and alpaca blanket (rolled and to the left) from Ecuador.
A painting also from Ecuador (ignore ugly reflection of construction workers on our terrace. Please don’t ask.) Also a cute little incense burner my sister brought back for me from Nepal.
A wedding gift from my best friend & maid of honour – our wedding lyrics framed with our initials and wedding date above our bed.

I hope this gave you some ideas of how to use these special things around your home. Thanks as always for taking a read! And for those of you wondering about our desk, look for a DIY post on that soon!



-green flower arrangement from Chartreuse Flower Works <3

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