Layer it up 

Since our November has been so all over the place weather-wise in this neck of the woods (not complaining about this balmy November!), dressing in layers has become increasingly important for me! My days lately have been varied, with some being outside walking and getting in and out of cars all day, speed walking to work and then sitting in an office, or even helping family with yard work! You can shed layers or pile them back on throughout the day like I did this afternoon raking leaves and goofing off with my family (I see you Harley.) Here are some of my tried and true layering favorites…

Not only have we had chilly days with warm ones mixed in the bunch, but we’ve had a couple of pretty good rainy days interspersed as well. My trusty red rain boots have never failed me. Heel Boy has a ton of Hunter boots and liners to keep you warm as the cold days will eventually come. (Gah.)

Leggings. Athleisure. Lulu’s. A comfy weekend layering option. But here’s a little PSA ladies – please check the opacity and wear something longer on top! A tunic or long coat, like this sweet vintage jacket from the 60’s I borrowed from my Oma for about an hour until my time with it was up and gave it back haha. Seriously how cool though??

Blanket scarves are so versatile and effortless. Wear it draped around your neck, as a cape or wrapped around like I did here. This one is from Aritzia but Blueprint and Urban Outfitters downtown have great options!

You can’t beat a soft, warm and cozy sweater. Gap has them all, but this one is my current fave.

That’s it for now, and until next time, get outside and enjoy this weather while we’ve still got it!

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