Monday Motivation

Hi all! Let me just get it out there, it’s been a while. Now let me just be honest with you. Although it is very true that I have been busy and that life has been hectic, the real reason for my lack of posting is quite simply a lack of motivation. I am the queen of justifying – whether it be that I “really deserve these new pair of shoes because…” or I “want to write a blog post but I really should reorganize my dish towel collection” (lies!!). Something my mom has always told me is that “Action leads to motivation” and I have found this to be so true. So today I will be sharing some proactive tips to get motivated in whatever you choose to do, things I am still working on but have always found to help.

  1. Make a list! This is always my first step towards getting things done, as I’m sure it is for most of you. By getting all that stress clutter out of your brain and onto paper – everything seems more manageable. And who doesn’t love aggressively scratching off something you’ve been putting on the back burner for weeks?! So satisfying. And being a paper/stationary freak, I tend to use this method even more when I have something pretty to write my list out on, like this Rifle Paper Co. beauty.
  2. Keep your space tidy. Duh. And easier said than done. But so important. Remember how I’m the queen of justifying? It’s hard to find things to justify occupying your time with when things are regularly kept in order. As I’m writing this I’m laughing because this is one of the things I struggle with the most. What I have discovered in my few years of home-ownership is that quick but regular cleaning is huge. It’s amazing how letting the dishes slide and not putting your pillows back nicely on the couch or not putting your mail away right away escalates into major disorganization. So take 5-10 minutes at the end of your day or when you get home from work to put things in their place, you’ll be inspired to take on things you actually want to do in a place that’s well kept. biancacash_itsabeautifuldaytostart
  3. Carve out dedicated time to yourself. It’s so much more enjoyable and refreshing to lap guilt free in time set aside just for you. For me, there is nothing worse than getting home, sitting down with a magazine, my phone or computer – granted doing things I love, but when I should actually be doing something else. Instead of feeling lousy when you should be feeling recharged, get a few things done that you have to do first, with the reward of doing what you want after. You’ll feel accomplished and rejuvenated. LET-yourself-REST4
  4. Last but not least, fill little spaces of your life with motivational sayings, quotes or verses to get yourself going. One I always keep either written on a chalkboard in plain sight or in my planner is from Romans 12:11 – “Be industrious, not lazy” (NWT). I also often go to one of my favourite blogs: for desktop backgrounds for all my devices, and where I sourced most of the images for this post (click on the images to get linked directly to her downloads page – and get ready to love on all the beauty found there!) JenBPeters_GotThis

I hope you can use these tips to get motivated throughout the week. Happy Monday! 

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