Moving on

It was January 2013. My husband and I signed the papers on our first place we would own together. A new-build condo on Queen street, a stones throw away from beautiful downtown Kingston…

Fast forward to June 2015, and we will finally be realizing that move! We learned the hard way that new-build condo’s rarely see to their original occupancy date. Or second occupancy date. Or third….

Moving on…

Although the waiting was frustrating, as was the constant feeling of not being settled, and the let downs, we were forced into realizing we live really well together. EXTREMELY well together. The only door in our little temporary apartment was to the bathroom. Our apartment has no separation. And we rocked it. Not only that, but our little bachelor style place was in an old limestone building (you can see where I quickly fell in love with this city’s characteristic) full of character (and basically no closet – grrlfhghrbjnk), aspects we love and truly will miss. But not as much as we long for functionality and the simple things in life – like bedroom doors, outdoor space and closets (I realize I’m repeating myself, but I really can’t wait for storage space. Swoon.)

As I was about to begin the packing extravaganza, I had a pang of nostalgia and snapped pictures of my favourite little corners to remember our first apartment by. So enjoy a little tour of our place, which now and for the next week will look like a bomb went off strewing boxes and packing paper into every nook and cranny. Oh joy.

I’ll be sharing our design and move in process to the condo over the next little while, so look out for more home decor posts in the future!

Also, meet our cat, Matilda aka Tilly. Or more affectionately known as Little Miss Tilly. On her good days anyways.

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