Colouring isn’t just for kids anymore, folks! I’d be lying if I said the 10 year old me inside didn’t get all giddy when I recently saw Chapter’s assortment of colouring books for all ages. All ‘kid’ding aside (haha!… Sorry…), I did hesitate at first. Being a self-proclaimed over-thinker, my thought process went something like this: “How often will I really enjoy this? Will it end up being clutter on my desk like so many other fads? Do I even have the time to color?!”. After much toiling, I left Chapters empty handed, wistfully imagining colour schemes for the beautifully sketched Paris scenes I had left on that book shelf.

Unfortunately a couple weeks later my family and I suffered a great loss, that of my grandfather. It just so happened that I found myself two days later in a Chapters checkout lane with my colouring book and new colourful pencil crayons. Maybe it was the nostalgia I was feeling being with all my cousins and remembering times spent as a kid up north at my Oma and Opa’s, but I craved that same creative release I had had as a child spending so many hours nose deep in crayons and books. It’s also worth noting how absolutely inspiring this particular Parisian colouring  book is, my travel senses are tingling!

Like many of you, I originally found it curious that this was a new trend – colouring for grownups. For real??? But truth be told, its therapeutic effect gives the creative outlet many crave, without the commitment and brain space needed in starting and creating a whole new project – leaving plenty of room to think and sort out any stresses in life.

Or maybe, it’s really just as simple as being a big kid at heart! So grab a colouring book on its nationally recognized day today – and enjoy!

Colouring book / Pencil Crayons Sweater Shorts / Necklace 

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