Princess Street Promenade

Photo credit: Downtown Kingston!

This weekend Kingston will once again be holding one of my personal favorite events, the Princess Street Promenade. It’s such a fun day to come out and explore all the local businesses with their specials and events they have to offer, as Princess Street is shut down and pedestrians take over!

Photo credit: @stonecityales Instagram

I’m particularly looking forward to Stone City Ales Oktoberfest event! This is probably our favourite venue in Kingston to go unwind or meet with friends. I love the vibe, their delicious brews and the food is unreal. All I can say is the Gai Buns and Deez Nuts are a must try. Perhaps I have a soft spot due to my German heritage, but I have always loved the idea of Oktoberfest – what’s better than fall, beer and sausages!! They will be having a huge patio out on Princess Street that will be open from 11-6 and there is no admission required.

A few other events to check out:

If you have kids, Hip Kids will be doing free kid friendly manicures, and The Rocking Horse is hosting a Diaper Dash with tons of prizes to be won!

Don’t forget to catch any sidewalk sales and promotions at some of my favourite stores like Blueprint Clothing, Sterling, Verde and more.

Get hungry or tired after all that shopping? Pick up a coffee and treat at the delicious Small Batch or Card’s Bakery.

And last but not least, check out any promotions or get a refresh at my go to beauty salons downtown, like James Brett Coiffure, Lush Nails and Beauty Lounge or CHICdry for a blowout!

Hope to see you there this Saturday!

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