Road Trip Out West

Devon and I have always talked about driving through The Canadian Rockies and a couple weeks ago we made it happen! To say the drive beat our expectations is an understatement. We were blessed for a sunny, blue skied day for the first leg of our drive and the views were breathtaking.


Before I get carried away, I have to tell you about my first REAL mountain snowboarding experience (sorry Ontario hills). We found out last minute that on the day we were to fly into Calgary, Mount Norquay was having a 90 cent lift ticket day! As part of their 90th anniversary they have been hosting one 90 cent day a month. There’s one day left on April 6th – get out there if you can! The views alone are worth it.

So the next day we started our road trip.

We had planned to stop at Radium Hot Springs, but when we got there we realize we had got the hours mixed up and it was closed. A quick Google search later and we found the Lussier Hot Springs in Whiteswan Lake National Park and we were so happy by the change of plans! The hot springs were natural, right next to a river and down a long windy logging road. It was so picturesque – a pinch-me moment!

Our drive was split up by my cousins wedding (CONGRATS TOBY & MEAGAN!) which was a blast! We had so much fun, that this was the only picture (thanks to Melissa!) that actually proves that we attended, haha.

After the wedding weekend, we headed to Vancouver Island where we spent a week in Victoria and Tofino with friends. Check back soon for a post on some of the highlights of that leg of our trip!





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