Spring transition

Can I start with a WOOHOOOO! Warmer, sunnier, patio-ier (let’s just roll with that one…) weather is HERE! Bringing one my most favourite seasons here in Kingston. This city comes alive when the warm weather hits, and you can feel the energy everywhere. I’ve been feeling a new found appreciation for this city as my husband and I have been playing tour guide to my parents and grandparents who just moved here. And Kingston, you’re finally showing off.

It seems like just last week it was snowing! Oh wait…. it was. Leaving me wondering every morning, what the heck do I wear?? It’s hard to transition from winter clothes to summer wear, especially with Lady Weather acting so unpredictably. The key is layers, layers, layers. And don’t be afraid to pair something lighter on top with a small boot on your foot, which is what I did here when out walking to do some errands downtown and grab some fish n chips at The Pilot House (so yum guys.)

I also need to give Gap some love here. First of all, their shipping policies are like none other that I’ve ever found. Let’s be real, we all come in different shapes and sizes and finding your size should be much less painful! There are so many different length and size options online, you can order a variety to try on in your own home (here’s to no unflattering dressing room lighting!) and return shipping is FREE no matter what or you can return in store, no hassle. It’s seriously the best. Maybe too good. (Sorry Devon.)

I’m also loving their “Authentic” line of denim right now, with vintage washes galore. I am in love with this true blue vintage wash with just the right amount of stretch.

Two trends I’m loving right now: neck scarves and off the shoulder tops. Both add an instant je-ne-sais-quoi either paired alone or together and are so simple to pull off. You’ll see both looks on rotation here this spring and summer.

Jeans – Gap (on sale!) / Top – H&M / Bandana – old, similar here


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