Summer ’16

It’s been a whopping 5 months since I’ve last posted here. Yikes. We’ve had such a full and wonderful summer and if I’m being completely honest, I kinda loved giving myself a no-pressure-to-post-a-blog card and just enjoy it. I felt the guilt of lacking content for the first while, which led to no inspiration and turning it into this huge hurdle to overcome to write again. Ahh the mind and the wonderful little tricks it plays.

It comes down to this folks: I’m really doing this because I like to write, I like to share what we’ve been up to with you friends and our family, and I like to occasionally share tips and tricks for around the home, your closet, and our limestone city. That’s it. No whistles, smoke or mirrors. Just unabashed, irregular posts that I can look back on and be like “I forgot about that, that was really great” and as a bonus, maybe you’ll read along.

SO. A recap of our summer. It started off with a bang with my parents and grandparents moving from my hometown of Ottawa to Kingston. (enter tear-jerking last photo of us in front of the old house)

Secret: My grandpa grabbed my hand and gripped it so tight for this picture and it’s a moment I’ll always hold on to (physically could not resist that pun)

What y’all didn’t see going on behind the scenes during the move was Devon and I excitedly jumping up and down and scurrying to complete as many home projects as time (and budget!) allowed for an amazing opportunity. Back in March I received an email from Danielle Van den brink, the editor of Kingston Life magazine, asking us to be a part of their Spring/Summer Interiors edition as part of a small spaces feature. (I have to highlight that social media played a huge part in receiving this opportunity – small businesses wanting to get noticed, take note! Danielle first noticed our home through following my Instagram page). It was an incredible experience I would take part in again in a heart beat. It motivated us to get some projects done we had been procrastinating on finishing and purged, we loved working with Danielle and Mark Polidoro, the photographer, and it really made us feel proud of our little space we call home. The bones of our place are very builder’s basic and we tried really hard to make it ours, so it felt really good to have that acknowledged, especially in print! Here’s the link to read the online article and it can still be purchased at select Shopper’s Drugmart’s and Chapter’s locations.

In between endless coffee shop visits, returning to Barriefield time and again to smell the lilacs, and visiting friends and family from Niagara Falls to Montreal, we booked an extremely last-minute trip to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. Our generous friend let us use some of his air miles to surprise Devon’s cousin Brandon (more often referred to as one of his ‘brothers’) and his wife, my friend Tanya. When I say last-minute I mean we booked on a Sunday and our trip began Thursday. It was beautiful, spontaneous and exciting. Grand Cayman is friendly, its ocean views and sunsets are like no other, and their beaches are unrivaled. Not to mention Tanya took us to a local’s best kept secret, a beach where sea turtles are frequently found, and we got to swim with them – easily a moment I will never forget. (Tanya’s a super talented photographer – check out her website!)

Our summer was rounded out by several trips to Wolfe Island, a historic Tragically Hip concert, many many trips to Mio Gelato, and a camping trip with my cousins where I jokingly tell people I felt like Snow White waking up face to face with a deer at sunrise one morning and a blue-jay resting on our tent above me the next. It was crisp at night and warm during the day, it was idyllic and a perfect way to wrap up our summer ’16.

Until next time!

– C.

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