The importance of “recharging”

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been working on reworking my little space on the internet… what do you think?! I’m still tweaking away the more I learn, but I’m really starting to feel settled within these internet borders of my Macbook. I hope you feel welcome here! Now a little bit on what we’ve been up to lately…

For us, the end of the year signifies the end of Devon’s craziest time at work. We count down the days until his longer hours of work are over and we both get some time off to reconnect + recharge. It’s so important to take time to do this. We try to spend some time visiting family this time of year, usually north of Montreal. We typically spend our days cross-country skiing, snow shoeing (and eating! Lots of eating!) but with the crazy weather we’ve been having that didn’t happen this year. But we more than made up for the lack of snow with hikes, board and card games, movies and puzzles. Did I mention we also eat a lot?

Running down the little snow the ski hill had made at this point!

Because the weather has been so mild, my determined sister got the idea “wouldn’t it be awesome to say you jumped off the bridge on December 26th?”. So, determined she was, we went for a little walk over to our summer watering hole.

Needless to say, she was a little cold after! She is strong-willed and it’s this quality that has gotten her so far in life, although we just call her insane. (Love ya Jas!) Another thing about our family is that we can get competitive and love to goof off. So the only logical way to play ping-pong is on your knees. Seems about right. One of our favourite board games is Quelf, so be prepared to embarrass yourself if you get invited to games night.


Good sports.

And that’s all folks! Hope to see you back here soon – for now we’re preparing for our staycation this weekend where we plan to tackle a ton of little home projects we’ve been unable to get done since moving in June. Devon and I both love to take on projects at home, so we’re really looking forward to finally having time to do them! More on that to come….



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